Montag, 20. Februar 2012

23 Resume. English

Early 2012, more than two years after the end of my 4-year European cycling tour through 19 countries, I can´t immagine anymore that I have really experienced the in the posts described things. This spartan, intensive time with constant adaptation to new situations, different mentalities and languages.

I didn´t dream only of this project, but also realized it. It was a great time in my life. I had no doubt about what I was doing. After crossing each border without problems in Europe, I stopped a moment to enjoy this wonderful feeling.

I learned intensivly during the trip my fluent Italian and Spanish skills. In addition to the many impressions and new experiences, this result is for me the most valuable. I did not just cycle, but also wanted to work hard with my head.

I´ve tried to describe, that human well-being does not depend on  material possessions, but rather on the possibility to break through routines by his or her own decisions, fulfilling a great dream, taking  some risks. Thus, a new freshness, energy comes to the life, ready to use it for the next challenge. During the trip I experienced  three psychological effects:

1. The loss of reality, concerning my own person. Not after weeks or months, this is a fact, but after a few years. The body, the will, the mental strength were able to work every day like a machine of steel. This experience went into the subconscious.  One thinks, there are no limits anymore it would last till the eternity. Exactly this can be dangerous for the health, because warning signs are no longer registered.

2.  Losing the feeling of fear. For years I was traveling on the roads, relying in every situation on my  own possibilities and nothing happened to me a long time. Being aware of it I was shocked a little bit about myself and I thought that wasn´t really good. Fears seem to play a major role in our society, because I was often asked about it across Europe, particularly in the north. I guess, having talked with more than one thousand people across Europe.

3. Optimism. During the tour I came in countless stressful situations that never would end, I thought. Severe weather, cold, steady rain, barren, lonely areas without a human soul. However, in each case came the salvation. Often quite suddenly, from one second to another. I call this mental exercise, namely to know that a solution is always possible, even in the moment it doesn´t seem to appear. This experience should be very useful in the normal life because it helps not to take over pessimistic thinking of other people.

Since six years I live with my own resources and finance every trip. Result of my professional life. I liked to realize an above-average performance, because it was my pleasure. I didn´t want to fall too much into the routine, the comfortable life and social security, in which many people of my age  live. Almost everyone can fulfill his dreams, if he really wants to do it. This way to go, is never too late. One should always have an objective, which is a strong life-stimulant.  Fighting for this  and not giving up.

For recovering fundamentally it is not necessary to rest only, but doing something completely different for a few years. That can be very strenuous activities, which I have described in my posts. 
So I won´t go into the normal retirement, but as long as possible staying active in my life.
I wish all those, who are interested in to enjoy my blog, maybe getting inspiration during reading and looking at the photos of Europe and Beijing / China. 

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