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6 Beijing. People

Surely it´s most interesting in a strange, distant culture to be and to meet the people who live there. After a longer time it will be possible to draw conclusions on social structures.
In my long walks through Beijing, I've made a lot of photos on this subject. Some of these I want to show in this post.
The photos above are a few examples of Chinese in Beijing, with which vehicles they transport goods or sometimes another person. Once through muscle power. So I saw women in the midday heat who strained themself to transport something. Then driven by a small gasoline engine that is barely audible. Finally, driven by an electric motor. Three wheels are on the streets which work as mini-taxis.
With the implementation of these transports, such as household goods, crates, etc., these Chinese earn in any weather the money for their lives, which has to be recognized. Social systems, as in Germany, partly based on annual new debt, do not exist as far as I know in China. The state is in the process of developing this step by step, how the pension system.
It´s not that these people is daily written sadness in the face. On the contrary, as the photo shows, they go together, talking and laughing. Whole groups also make rest under a shady tree during the lunch time. They are actually service persons and carry out their orders.

At the top left a photo shows a motorcycle, which is rare in Beijing. Possibly highly taxed because of air pollution. In addition, a tricycle as an universal family taxi. At the top right people seem to go back at home in a suburban or rural area.
Including a photo with moving toys that hawkers offer at the Olympic Park, along with long Chinese dragon cords or model birds that could fly battery-driven with flapping wings. A toy was particularly fashionable: A forward robbing soldier in a green uniform, a red flag fixed, while shooting with the machine gun, which was associated with a corresponding noise. The manufacturer had made a good job, concerning the kinematic functions of the toy soldier.
The lower right photo gives us a look on one of the countless workers in Beijing who keep the city really clean. They are with such three-wheelers on the streets or squares, like here in the Olympic Park.
However, I noticed sometimes a possible weakness of maintenance activities. They were not sufficient in my personal opinion. That means, certain damages are not promptly removed or repaired. Maybe due to the high speed of construction for new buildings.

One sees that the tricycles can also serve as flying fruit stands or  even as a small workshop. I saw from the bus once a hairdresser cutting someone's hair on the streetside. Incidentally, the little bubble car is seen which a passenger would enter backwards.

Above, a couple of nice modern e-mopeds are shown. As I said, they belong to the everyday life in Beijing's road traffic. No noise, no pollution. I'd say they account for 80-90% of the mopeds. That was one of my biggest surprises at the beginning of my stay in the Chinese capital.

As I explained in another post, the pedestrians walk prinzipiel at red traffic light on the road. Many traffic lights have a counter that indicates how long the color signal is still active. In the photo, a red bar is visible. That is, the light goes  in the next moment to green. Sometimes even the seconds count to zero. These ads are a help, because the streets are very wide. The photo in the middle shows that pedestrians do have green, but watch out for the cars turning right. They continue or stop. That's just the Chinese flexibility. Driving is no vice.

It happens that people are at intersections with an orange vest and a red flag to help the pedestrians in the traffic, giving free the way. My opinion is that the Chinese government tries to give as many people a job as possible. This is certainly a good thing.

These street vendors are typical in the city. They sell budgies, goldfishs in plastic bags filled with water. These small rabbits in small cages as well.

Once when I was walking along a long road, there were sitting people with red armbands. I do not know for which purpose that served.
Chinese just like gymnastics in the morning, but they also seem to dance with great pleasure, as evidenced by the photos.

Near the Olympic park is the Museum of Science and Technology, populated by many Chinese school classes. There  is also presented among many others a Department of Renewable Energy. The Chinese are both expanding their nuclear energy capacities fourfold by 2020 as well as its renewable energy, especially solar and wind, which continue to expand massively.
It´s to mention that China has the first fully superconducting Tokamak fusion reactor in the world. 2010 a Chinese scientist was appointed as Head of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board for ITER, the joint project in southern France, where the major industrial countries of the world want to  harness  one day the nuclear fusion.
The picture shows me with Chinese programmers

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